Sunday, 4 December 2011

Uh Oh More Nail Polish ..

I am guilty of scouring through many different websites and ebay to hunt down some MORE POLISH !
Oh dear! I officially need to visit nail polish anonymous! Is there such a group?

Anywho .. These are the upcoming offerings for Spring 2012 from Essie and Orly.

Orly 'Cool Romance' collection

Source ( - Here you can also discover the names to these beauties!!

Essie 'A spring to invest in' collection

Source ( - Includes names and up close pictures of the polishes! 

What is your go to polish of the moment? 



  1. The cool romance collection looks pretty, mine is black at the moment x

  2. I'm so gonna invest in Essie Fiji.. I love pastel colours!!

  3. Ohh I would love to buy Essie Fiji. Just spent more money on nail polish, guess another haul shall be coming soon lol

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