Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Unhealthy Nail Polish Obsession...

I have been obsessed with doing my nails lately and reading blogs and watching YouTube video's does not help either!

Although I do not have much money, I caved and brought some Essie polishes from an ebay seller and other polishes from my local Boots.

Unleash the polish ...

(1) Essie Miss Matched - A cream finished baby pink nail polish which applies in 3 coats. It has a white pinkish look to the polish when 3 coats are applied. It is lovely, but can be streaky if 2 coats are applied.

(2) Essie Chinchilly - This is a dirty light greige polish with a cream finish. In some lights this can appear as a light grey khaki colour. It is completely opaque in 2 coats!

(3) Sally Hanson Insti-Dri Top Coat - This stuff is amazing! I was never a person who used top coat, but this stuff dries my nails so quickly!

(4) Revlon Facets of Fuchsia - This is a gorgeous polish. It has a black base with fine and chunky purple glitter! Applies opaque in 2 coats, but is a pain in the backside to remove!

(5) Revlon Gold Coin - This is a lovely gold metallic polish with slight hints of silver running through it. Applies opaque in 2 coats and does not chip as much as other metallic polishes.

(6) Revlon Smoky Canvas - This polish is part of the fall 2011 collection and is light grey creamy polish with beige undertones. It is much lighter than the Essie Chinchilly polish. You can get away with applying one coat with this polish as the opacity of this polish is fabulous!

The Essie Polishes were purchased from this ebay seller -

The Revlon polishes and Sally Hanson top coat were purchased from Boots.

Happy Shopping



  1. Aww the gold is lovely :) It is worth picking that up :) xx

  2. thanks for your blog for more beauty and make up see:

  3. I absolutely adore your blog! Mashallah! You're such an inspiration! I adore the community of hijabi fashion bloggers, it goes to show you can be modest and fashionable!