Friday, 2 September 2011

On Trend (Autumn) - Primark/H&M Jewellery Haul

Yesterday, I decided to pop into my local shopping centre and have a browse at all the Autumn trends out at the moment. Camel colours, burgandy's and pops of green are some of the main colour's that I have spotted at various retail shops.

I stepped into Primark.. and the jewellery just drew me in, especially all the animate jewels! Aztec prints are still on trend and there were a few pieces with such prints. Jewellery is something I love, especially rings and long necklaces as I think they just make an outfit. I have an acquired taste when it comes to jewellery, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. So here goes to the pictures of the things I hauled :)

I picked up a few bits from Primark and purchased a necklace from H&M.

H&M Bird Necklace (Long): Price - £3.99

Primark Stud Earrings: Price - £2.00

Primark Owl Ring: Price - £1.50
Primark Aztec Ring - £3.00

If you love these types of blog posts, leave a message below so I can do similar posts in the future which include recent hauls :)

Love K


  1. Me loves it! Especially the aztec ring! Defo do similar posts like this I love hauls! x

  2. Aww Thanks! Cool more hauls, when I have some more pennies :) xx

  3. hey, i like that bird necklace from h&m, and i like aztec jewellery but i don't own any pieces i havent found something that is "me" lol. Nice blog aswell =)

  4. Thank-You :) I loved the necklace it was so 'me'.. try accessorize, they have really nice pieces and the animal style jewellery may be more suited to you :D

    You have a lovely blog also, from one 'manc' to another hehe xx

  5. Ooh, I particularly love the Primark stud earrings - they're so timeless! Great pieces here.

    x Michelle |

  6. Michelle - Thank you :) I loved the earrings.. they had such a vintage vibe about them xx

  7. I love the earrings. I think too, that the earrings are timeless..

  8. My Northern Lights - I shall do more of these types of hauls x

  9. hey babe sorry took so long to follow LOVE the blog
    and the earring are really lovely must find me a pair :) x

  10. Luscious - Thanks for following :)I know the earrings are really pretty, they had a red version also ! x