Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Friend's day out ..

This blog post will be different from the traditional blog posts I write on my blog.. This will be a general one about friends and food!

So me and my close friends went out for a nice lunch and an afternoon out as it has been ages since we sat down talked, took the Michael out of each other and ate lots of food! We all love our food, however we can be indecisive and spend a good portion of time either driving around locating different food outlets through to drawing names out of a hat! This is probably because we pretty much have tried most places in our City, therefore our options are narrowed! mehh!

After much deliberation, we finally decided to go to an entertainment complex, where they have lots of different restaurants, arcades and a cinema! Pretty convenient! Even though we were familiar with these restaurants, we were too hungry to think of other places to go! This is where we chose to eat....



  1. I like the way you edited these! So cool :)

  2. Awwh thanks :) I'm getting into the whole editing craze :) x