Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fashion Focus (Autumn 2011) - What I am loving right now!

Whilst still in bed with the flu, I have been browsing on different high street clothing websites looking around at the fall fashions (shame I cannot actually afford to buy anything at the moment !) mehh to a lack of money! However, there's no harm in browsing right? agreed! 

River Island  at the moment has some lovely pieces for their autumn collection, right up my alley! 

Black Bow Peep Toe Semi Wedge Shoes                            
Black Print Edge to Edge Cardigan


           Dark Beige Cross Body Satchel       

These are a few bits I am loving at the moment, and after saving my pennies I shall be purchasing these beauties. What are your favourite bits for the Autumn? Believe it or not this is my favourite season after summer! Bring on the hot chocolate, duvet days and wearing my snug coat outside yay! 



  1. i like the cardigan, i am actually looking for something like that, something warm and fluffy and cuddly ahah

  2. I know it looks so cuddly! Who needs a teddy bear? lol xx

  3. I love satchel bags :). I love cardigans, just got a big aran cardigan off ebay, it's on my last post. Am following :) x

  4. I love satchel bags.. already have one, but can say no to another right? :P I shall check your post out xx

  5. Nice picks!