Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Boudoir Prive - September 2011

If you have read about the Glossybox on a previous blog post I wrote, Boudoir Prive is a similar concept where it offers its subscriber's 6 luxury sample size products for £10 a month including p&p to try in the comfort of their own home. These products can include hair, makeup and even lifestyle.

This is what I received in the September 2011 Boudoir Prive box! 
How cute is the packaging? 

Leaflet - containing all the product information

This is a scrub for the body which is part of the 'Tropic Skincare' line that was founded by The Apprentice's Susan Ma! This is 100% natural and smells like lemon and lime! I tried this on my hands and they felt AMAZING afterwards! I may be tempted to get the full size !

This fragrance sample by 'Agent Provocateur' was not my cup of tea! Really strong for my liking! If you like strong scents, then this will be something you will enjoy.

This hair oil by 'Macadamia' is intriguing and I am excited to try this out ! I have heard good things about the brand 'Macadamia'. 

This eye cream by 'Colbert MD' is used by the likes of Kate Middleton and Sienna Miller! I tried this around my eye area and it is incredibly refreshing! I shall see what it does for my eyes after a couple of weeks of using it! 

I have heard so much about Zoya and their long wearing polishes, so I was excited to receive this in my box! It isn't a colour (Tao) I would have picked, but looked nice on the nails and needs 2 coats only to become opaque! 

This eye pencil from 'Cargo' was not easy to apply and was scratchy on the eye lid! Not impressed with this pencil as you can get cheaper ones from Bourjois that are smooth on the eyelids and blend easily. 

The extra little freebie that was given, was the Mai Couture Blotting sheets. These blotting sheets blot oil on the skin but also provide a bronzing effect on the skin. I have yet to try these, but intrigued as to how they will work and look on the skin. 

All in all, I felt this was a better box than the August box!

Did any of you receive the Boudoir Prive Box? What did you think of it? 

Much Love 
Khaddy x


  1. Hi Khaddy! Thank you very much for this review of our September Beauty Box! We are glad that you like it and we look forward to your feedback on the October Beauty Box. LOVE the pictures!

  2. Hi Veronica :) Thank you for your lovely message! I am going around the house telling everyone about how good this body polish is by Susan Ma ! xx

  3. love all the packaging! Can't wait to try the products by susan! xx

  4. Kia, Susan Ma's Tropic Body Smooth is lush! It makes my hands so smooth! x

  5. I love Zoya, their polishes are really good. That color is super pretty :)

    Xo Christine♥