Monday, 29 August 2011

Review - Face Masks

I love a good pamper session, but I don't want to fork out on all that money to go to a spa!
I love relaxing, having a cuppa and slapping on a face mask... don't we all love 'me' time !

Face masks are a great way to rejuvenate the skin. They allow a deep cleanse of the skin, which opens our pores and removes all the impurities in them. If our pores are clogged up (due to oils, dead skin cells etc), this can lead to acquiring a darn pimple! To prevent those pesky spots from appearing it is important to ensure that you cleanse your face daily, and you can opt for a deep clean once or twice a week through using a face mask. Face masks are also great to improve the texture of the skin - they make my skin feel nice and smooth!

I will review 3 Face Masks which I have tried and tested, and will score them for their performance.

Left (Body Shop Tea Tree Face mask), Middle (Philosophy One Minute Daily Facial), Right (Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask) 

Application: Apply the chosen mask evenly on the skin, wait for the allocated time before washing off.

The Body Shop - Tea Tree Face Mask: Price (£9.00)
This stuff is amazing as it is suited for those who have 'blemished skin', which I do! It really makes my skin feel so soft! It has a cooling sensation on the skin, which feels amazing! This product is one of the more inexpensive face masks out there!

Rating - 4/5

Philosophy - The Great Mystery - One Minute Daily Facial: Price (£18.50)
When I first read about this on QVC, I was amazed at what this claims to do! A daily facial for one minute that not only cleanses, but provides a natural exfoliation as it contains sea salt. This product appears slightly clear when you first apply it, but then turns white as it reacts when you massage it in. This is great for those in a rush (mummy's especially) as you have one relaxing minute to apply the product then wash off in a hectic day. This cleanses the skin so so well! This is targeted as a cleansing 'paste', but has the attributes of a face mask. It makes my skin soft to the touch, and feels luxurious when applied and exfoliates the skin! I wouldn't say it is akin to how the results of an actual facial would be, but it does a damn well good job!

Rating - 4/5

Elemis - Herbal Lavender Repair Mask: Price (£26.00)
This face mask really feels luxurious and I love this especially when you have had a major breakout and really want to calm the skin down! It definitely improves my 'congested complexion'. Even if you do not suffer from breakouts like I do, this is lovely as a nice treat after a long day and is great for 'dull' skin. My only down side to this product and my reasoning for its rating, is the price!

Rating - 3/5

It is a tie between 'The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask' and the 'Philosophy One Minute Daily Facial' .. eeekk I cannot decide. If you have any face mask recommendations, leave them below :)

Love Khaddy



  1. I know now what i'll be spending the bodyshop gift voucher my bro brought me as an Eid gift :)

    I'll rate you on your ratings once i've tried out your recommendation(s) ;).

  2. Let me know how the The Body Shop treat works out for you ;)