Sunday, 28 August 2011

3 Golden Rules of Buying Foundation/ Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

I hope you enjoyed the Tag that I posted earlier on, however this is more beauty related. I have been on a foundation kick for a couple of months now, and have tried and tested a fair few.

My favourite foundation by far is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, after ThePersianBabe (on YouTube) raved about it! If you havent already, be sure to check her out!The Bourjois foundation provides excellent coverage, is lightweight, lasts ages, really dewy, inexpensive and Bourjois did well by having an excellent colour range!

The 'Healthy Mix' is an attribute given to the foundation due to the fruit therapy contained in the foundation. A foundation that is 'good' for you! Double thumbs up from me!

I have found my favourite foundation, now your turn!
These are my 3 Golden Rules to buying foundation, whichever one it may be :)

1. Pick the right shade - often times most people either purposely pick the wrong shade and opt for a lighter or darker foundation for some reason or another, making them look either too ashy or an umpa lumpa!

2. Test prior to purchasing - Always, always, always test before you buy a foundation to see whether it matches your skin or you like the feel of the foundation. If you are purchasing a drugstore foundation, there are plenty of testers in small pots available. If its purchased at a department store etc ask the assistant to help you. After testing the foundation, make sure you give it between 2-3 hours to sink into your skin as foundations can oxidise and go darker. Go out of the store and do some shopping for a couple of hours. Once you have given it the allocated time, you can then decide whether the foundation is really for you.

3. Pick one suited to your skin type - If you are an oily skin, opt for foundation that counteracts the oil, so a powdered foundation. If you have dry skin, then opt for a liquid or cream foundation. If you are combination skin (oily/dry/normal) or a normal skin type, you have the best of both worlds!

Happy Shopping

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  1. Really useful review- do you by any chance remember what options there were for the shades and which shade did you go for? As I'm one of those people that never knows as my skin decides to change colour on an hourly basis hahaha xxx

  2. Thanks, glad it was useful.I got shade '55'.. on camera it looks very light due to the flash. It is around 'dark beige' .. you will be 'beige'(54) If you ever feel you are too light for your foundation, add some moisturiser, which lightens the shade xx